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Dear International customers

From November 2001 we are shipping worldwide after an huge number of requests. You are now able to shop from the leading CDs and DVDs merchant over the Brazilian Internet. We carry thousands of exclusive items, rares CDs and one of the best fills in the world.

Although at this time our site is still written in Portuguese you will find below meaningful information in English. Contact us if you have any further question or suggestion. We will be improving this section and our web site based on your comments.



· CUSTOMS: Products shipped by CD POINT may be subjected to import duties and taxes as well as the package may be opened and inspected by customs authorities in your country. Any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the customers. May we suggest that you contact local custom authorities before place an order.

· DVD ENCODING AND SYTEM: When purchasing DVDs note the region encoding that can be accessed clicking at bottom just below each product type. DVDs AREA 0 are code free and playable in any DVD set. DVDs manufactured in Brazil are good for PAL-M system (Brazilian only system. It is not the European PAL) and are also good for NTSC systems. Both the DVD and TV sets must be able to handle NTSC.

· HOW IS MY ORDER GOING?: Click at the ACOMPANHE SEU PEDIDO bottom at the left. You will be invited to enter your ID and PASSWORD. The first status is AGUARDANDO (waiting) just after you place the order. Usually it takes maximum 1 working day to change to the next status. EM ANDAMENTO (processing) is the next status during the period there are any internal activity. FINALIZADO (processing finished) is the third step. We have already done everything and if there is any item that is not in stock we are just waiting to get it and ship. In each line describing any particular item you will now read ATENDIDO (your order you be filled) or NÃO ATENDIDO (your order will not be filled). DESPACHADO (shipped) is the last status. Any additional relevant information regarding your order will be written at the bottom of the page. If your order is filled partially the total amount to be charged at you Credit Card will be automatically recalculated. For further information contact us at

· LEGENDS: Pronta Entrega means we have the product in stock. If the product is not in stock it may take between 5 and 10 working days until we get it unless clearly stated just below the title.
means that this is a domestic product (Manufactured in Brazil) no matter it is a Brazilian or international artist means that this product is usually manufactured in USA means that the product comes from different countries in the world click at this bottom to get many additional information on the products means: New Release. If you have any additional question contact us at

· MISCELLANEOUS: You will find useful hyperlinks at the footnotes of each page or at FALE CONOSCO. Click at ALTERAÇÃO DE DADOS DE CARTÃO to change your credit card number using our secure server if it is needed. Click at the REENVIO DE SENHA if you forgot ID and / or password. Need to cancel an order? Click at CANCELAMENTO DE PEDIDO to cancel any order still not shipped.

· PAYING METHODS: We presently accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DINERS. We charge your credit card only when we ship your order. Your credit card will be charged using our local currency REAL (see CURRENCY) Our server is secure so you can safely enter your credit card number. As an additional security we do not keep your credit card number on file. For credit cards issued in some countries it must be necessary to enter additional security codes printed on the credit card. If it is necessary for any reason to change your Credit Card number, use our secure server clicking here

· PRICES and CURRENCY: Brazilian currency is R$ (Real) and at the time we wrote this information US$1,00 buys approximately R$2,92. You can also use a currency calculator available over the WWW. Try for instance

We can offer you very competitive prices specially for domestic CDs and DVDs as will realize soon. You credit card will be charged in REAL.

· PRIVACY: Privacy is your right and our responsibility. We do not use your data for anything but contact you regarding your order. We do not sell or inform your email address to any third party. We do not junk mail. We seldom send promotional or general messages to our customers. Anyway if you receive one and do not want to get more just contact us and we will flag you not to get any further general message.

· REGISTRATION: Any customer must sign in before make its first purchase. CLICK HERE to sign in now or you may also sign in after you have included products at your shopping basket.

· RETURNS DEFECTIVE: CD POINT customers are allowed to return any defective items within 10 days of receipt of the shipment. In order to be refunded contact us before returning the products. We will refund the products and the shipment using the same rate you when you placed your order if and only if we agree that it is a manufacture defect. Pay special attention to regional codes of DVDs before purchase. Note also that present DVD technology is such that eventually an image glittering may occur.

Before returning any item contact us at with a brief explanation why you would like to return any product.

· RETURNS NON DEFECTIVE: As a CD POINT customer you may also return non defective items within 10 days of receipt of the shipment only if they are unopened (still in its plastic wrap). We will only refund the shipment if it is a result of our error.
Before returning any item contact us at with a brief explanation why you would like to return any product.

· SEARCHING PRODUCTS: Use our Quick Search (PESQUISA RÁPIDA) or our POWER SEARCH (PESQUISA AVANÇADA). At our Power Search page you will be able to browse GENRES, get a complete list of SOUND TRACKS, a complete list of MOVIES DVD, MUSIC DVD and BRAZILIAN MANUFACTURED DVD's.

· SECURITY: Our secure server is certified by VERISIGN. Click at the Verisign logo at the bottom of the home page to verify. Whenever your register or access again your data and fill in credit card information you are using our secure server. As our web site is developed in frames it is possible that the padlock symbol is not show. Just click use the right bottom of your mouse on the page and choose PROPERTIES to access our Verisign certificate.

· SHIPPING: We ship worldwide through Brazilian Post using priority service. Usually it takes between 5 and 10 working days depending on your location .CD POINT is responsible for the delivery. We will refund your purchase or ship another copy as soon as we get the acknowledgment from the Brazilian Post that the shipment is lost (but not if the products are held at your country customs).

· SHIPPING COSTS: Use our Freight Simulator to find how much you will pay for shipping. Read the topic CURRENCY above to get more information on our currency and how to convert to your own currency. TIP: International freight cost changes in steps of 1 Kg ( about 2.2 Lbs) . You can order about 7 regular CDs or 6 regular DVDs for the same freight cost

· SHOPPING IS EASY: Try our Quick Search at the top (Pesquisa Rapida). The default is CD and Artist. Looking for Brazilian or international music and films manufactured in Brazil? Choose CD's NACIONAIS or DVD's AREA 4/0. After you find a product you are interested in type how many items you want or just click at COMPRAR bottom. Your shopping basket at the top right corner must be blinking and the total amount appears. You may choose have a look in it clicking at VER PEDIDO. You may still decide to continue shopping. To process your order click at at the Shopping Basket page.

You now must enter your ID and Password. Do not have one click at CADASTRO (sign in) and enter your data. After being registered click at CONTINUAR A COMPRA and enter your ID and PASSWORD. Click at ENVIAR. You are automatically set to proceed your shopping paying with your credit card. After you have successfully filled the credit card information you must click at the confirmation bottom CONFIRMA to finalize your order.

You now have an ORDER NUMBER. Take note or print this page. You will be asked to make reference to this # anytime you want any information on your order. Na automatic email has been sent to your email address. Make sure you received it or contact us.

· YOUR EMAIL: Make sure you have typed correctly your email address. This is basically the only way we have to contact you. If your mail box is full or the address is wrong you will not get any important information regarding your order

· WHO WE ARE: Torg Comercio e Participações is the holding company for CD POINT. CD POINT is in operation over the Brazilian web since May 1997. We are considered to be the best store in Brazil for CDs and DVDs. We offer you an unprecedented selection of Brazilian and international music. We carry thousands of rare titles that you will not find anywhere in the world and we have also one of the best fills in the world. You may also be interested in checking how we are rated at the most important web sites that rates e-commerce in Brazil: or . We will be happy in providing any further information on our company. Just send us an email at