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  • Label: CD BABY
  • Número de Catálogo: 5637663780
  • Categoria: Musica Popular
  • Sub-categoria: ROCK
  • Data de Lançamento: 06/08/2010
  • Código de Barras: 61007451272


    • 01 01 Promises
    • 01 02 Burnin
    • 01 03 Mr. Death
    • 01 04 Snow
    • 01 05 Love Machine
    • 01 06 Back to the Asylum
    • 01 07 Leather Queen

  • Observações:
    Metal Blade records artists Bloodlust original vocalist Guy Lord Solo Debut . Blood lust review from Martin Popoff (loved by the fans and the artists themselves )Known as THE 'In the know ' for who's who in metal and rock. ': Bloodlust -Guilty As Sin (Metal Blade '86) Not to be confused with the New Jersey band Blood Feast, who later changedv thier name to Bloodlust, these guys were a considerably forceful,heat-stressed thrash band with calming influences from traditional speed and post-NWOBHM NWOUSHM. Vocalist Guy Lord (could have been a Quarterback with a name like that) has Virgin Steele aspirations which do him good stead in the confidence sweepstakes, and overall, he and his long-haired overachievers do a bang-up job of banging us up. rated 6 out of 10 ' review for Lord Second Coming : 'San Francisco's Lord had both an awesome album cover and ties to Bloodlust and Tyrant. But most of all they had an engagingly old school record,the guys go doomy (like Iron Butterfly- hah!) and proto- power and galloping, mellow and hippie at times. Always with rough but personally- laden vocals from Guy Lord. In terms of this much atmosphere, one thinks of Mistreater or the very best bits from Rapid Tears, closer Leather Queen demonstrating all this and more. Rating 8 out of 10' from 'The Collectors Guide to Heavy Metal vol. 2 the Eighties' As stated this is THE first official release EVER in CD format also PERSONALLY signed by the artist Guy Lord Himself ! It's a trip back to the early days of Metal,Guy was roomates With Dave Mustaine while in Bloodlust, you can hear groundbreaking style and rythms from both albums he is featured on . A real blast from the past,and new material is being worked on,even before this was written, currently working on a new set of material In the studio now !!! to be released in the near future ! Olny a Limited run of autograhed copies available !


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